The “new way of working” implemented in your flexible workspace

The “new way of working” implemented in your flexible workspace

Should we keep working in office buildings in the future? What will the future of workspaces look like? Will every workspace become a flexible workspace? These are questions we all have now. One thing is clear: we will all have to implement a new way of working in our offices.

The “going back to the office” policy

Everywhere you hear companies talking about the “going back to the office” policy. Companies want to take their responsibility and make sure their employees are safe but also offer them the possibility to go back to the office.

The decision to return to the office will be based on different aspects. Put productivity upfront. But how to do this? What are the pitfalls?

  • Communicate about the precautions you have taken and how you make sure that Covid doesn’t stand a chance in your workspace
  • Offer them the right tools to work from home, but also create an equipped workstation at the office
  • Employee happiness is connected to the colleagues they have, so provide a tool where employees can let coworkers know when they are going to the office.

The new way of working through flex desks

When we talk about the new way of working there is one thing that pops up in our head immediately. Give your people added value to come back to the office by providing desks that can be booked in advance. By doing this, they are always sure that they have their private spot to work. Nothing more unproductive than to have to go back because there is no place at the office, right?

Desk bookings become important in everyone’s toolkit to provide optimal productivity in the office.

For example; some people will always make their bookings far in advance. These employees might make it difficult for their colleagues, who because of the nature of their jobs might not be able to plan that far in advance. Give every employee the chance to go back to the office by offering a specific amount of days/hours that they can book per week/month. Or give users who booked too late, the possibility to go on a waiting list so that they can join the office as soon as another reservation is canceled.

Ghost bookings

You have probably already been through this. You book a room for a certain meeting but you totally forgot about it. Not a big drama, but a little bit frustrating for people who really need the room but can’t take it because it’s reserved. Try to minimize and automate “ghost” bookings for your employees. Don’t let them be a victim of a rigid tool, but help them out by giving them confirmation emails, reminders when they booked a desk, or push notifications.

Enable data-driven desk reservations for your employees by giving them statistics about how they work, when they work. Or even provide desk bookings based on their activity in the last weeks. Give them all the help they need.

The war of talent

Desk bookings are also connected to the war of talent/attraction that is more important than ever. No idea what I am talking about? Let me explain it to you. The opportunity to work flexibly can help attract future employees to a company or retain existing employees. Flexible work hours are one option, but giving them the right tools to be flexible everywhere is the next level. Let them choose where they work, at which location they will book a desk so that they can reduce commute time, stress, and optimize general wellbeing. This new way of working makes the difference between a nice employer and a great employer.

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