How to handle Covid-19 as a coworking space or serviced office?

How to handle Covid-19 as a coworking space or serviced office?

Covid-19 is putting us all in a difficult position. Most coworking spaces and serviced offices are not closed these days, but we have to admit that we’re all going through a hard time. One thing we've learned in the last few weeks: Corona improves a worldwide community-feeling. So, let's improve the community-feeling of your office space too. We've got some tips!

Covid-19 Communication Channels

Try to communicate how you are handling the crisis as an office space. Give your members an overview of the government's decisions for your niche and tell them how you'll apply them. You don't have to make it too hard for yourself: just send them an email or newsletter with a quick explanation.

Get social through your socials

With Zapfloor, every community can interact with its members through a member board. Instead of sending an email to the whole community, you can also keep them up to date with the board. A great way to keep your community alive.

Or, you can use your social media channels. But you won't reach your whole community with only Instagram or Facebook. It is fun though to entertain your followers, so try to post at least once a week. And keep in mind: it doesn't always have to be about Covid-19.


Analyze your insights

This one's not for your members or community, this one's for you as an office manager. Since you're at home and you can't go out, this is the ideal time to evaluate stuff. Take a look at all your insights from the last months or dive into your accountancy. Cut all unnecessary costs or decrease some costs to the bare minimum.

Ask your landlord to postpone the rent or to get a payment plan, until Corona has passed by. Don't wait to take action. If you ask it now, he'll probably agree to one of these arrangements.

Keep on track, with Slack!

There are a million different ways to stay in touch with each other, but here is a very nice and creative one: create a Slack channel with ‘Corona Challenges’. This channel is pure entertainment and community building. Post challenges and tips you can do during the Covid-19 crisis to keep everyone busy. Extra: maybe you can add a reward for the ones that are involved in the channel!

If you want to lift your community to a higher level: organize a huge conference call with coffee and food. It will almost feel like you’re having some small talk at the coffee machine.

Be a partner, not a vendor

Some of your clients might be experiencing rough revenue loss. Think about freezing memberships, offering discounts or, in the worst case, canceling memberships. Make sure you know exactly how companies are performing in this situation. Adapt your offering to every member and don't be too hard on each other.

They say Covid-19 will make us all stronger once we've passed it, take the time to make your coworking space stronger too.

Send some love

Ask your members how they are holding up. It might look like a small gesture, but for those who feel lonely these days, it makes such a big difference.

Do the same for your team members. Check up on each other via conference call, organize team meetings where you talk about anything but work. Last week we organized an after-work video call. Much appreciated by the whole team!

So, we'll say it once again: stay home, wash your hands and be safe.


Team Zapfloor

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