The ultimate guide for owners and operators 

of a flexible workspace

The eBook that helps you propel your flexible workspace business forward by avoiding management pitfalls. 

We want to nudge you towards the realization that you’re building a community of like-minded people, and not just managing a real estate asset.

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What you'll learn

This ebook will help you be more successful, your members even happier,
and give you the tools that you need to make your workspace truly "hot"!

Improve employee
& member happiness

This affects your bottom line, and is key to community-building.

Create a strong sense

of community

It can help you become profitable sooner rather than later.

Events as a marketing

Transform events into your most powerful marketing channel.

Measure your growth

What KPI's should you focus on to measure your success?

We are Zapfloor,
we help you manage your workspace

Book meetings, send invoices, collect payments and raise the community feeling for your employees and members.

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