Grow your community feeling, improve your billing game, and remove the distance between multiple locations.

Everything you need to manage your business efficiently


Zapfloor has everything you need to efficiently manage your coworking space, serviced office, or corporate environment. Allowing you to focus on what really matters. Discover all our features!

Multilocation Management

Meeting Room Booker

Powerful Insights

Visitor Management

Community Feeling

Automated Billing


Multilocation management

Manage multiple locations with only one tool

Add multiple locations from all over the world all under one account.

Add office hours, meeting rooms and hot desks to the system.

Give your members an overview of where all your workspaces are located.

Meeting room booker

Receive data through meeting room and hotdesk booking

Get an overview of all the meeting rooms you can book with their available dates.

Book a meeting room or hotdesk, add attendees and extra resources.

Book hotdesks at multiple locations for several hours, and choose your seat.

meeting room booker overview

Powerful insights

Improve your community through one clear dashboard

Get insights in which meeting rooms are the most popular ones.

See how your numbers are raising every day thanks to a powerful management system.

Get an overview of your total active members and reservations and improve the community feeling.

dashboard zapfloor

Visitor management

Measure traffic through visitor management

Get insights on how many people are visiting your space. Increase your traffic remote.

Announce visitors with the visitor tool for an efficient flow in your coworking space.

See how people are collaborating and increase benefits for your community of coworkers.

visitor management

Community feeling

Raise the community feeling for your members

Interact with your members through your member board. Post messages and get the conversation started.

Create events and invite members to boost the community feeling.

Create channels for members that are involved with a certain topic. For example: FAQ’s.

Automated billing

A fully automated billing game

Use the dashboard to get a sketch of your open en overdue invoices.

Register all your invoices, orders, draft invoices, payments, and much more.

Export and import your invoices and draft invoices in two clicks in multiple filetypes.

billing management


Sales on a higher level with an integrated CRM-system

Get an overview of how your business is doing. The board gives you insights of all your quotes.

All your deals are listed on one clear tab.

Your flow is clearly represented on the deals board. See how many deals are in which phase.

Minimize costs, maximize occupancy


No more empty desks, double bookings or miscommunications. Start growing your business today.