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? Efficient & structured meetings at home

? Efficient & structured meetings at home

? If you work remotely it's quite difficult to have meetings with more than five people. Everyone talks through each other, the connection is unstable, or your co-worker freezes in a very attractive position. In other words, the structure you usually have during a physical gathering sort of disappears. Fortunately, there are some tips & tricks to make sure your meetings won’t become total chaos.

Coworking trends in 2020: the industry in high gear

Coworking trends in 2020: the industry in high gear

After celebrating the end of 2019 with our friends and families, it's time to start a new year with new adventures. For us at Zapfloor it's all about making the world of coworking spaces a bit more pleasant. To keep you up to date, we made a list of all trends that 2020 has in store for the coworking industry.

5 tips to improve your efficiency

Your business center is running acceptable, but not smooth enough. Wasting half your day reading, reviewing and signing contracts is what you’re familiar with. Because you’re overloaded with administration tasks you’re wasting time and opportunities to improve your business.

SALTO KS Integration

We’re always excited when we’re able to introduce new ways to make office space management more convenient and streamline the processes involved with it. Our customers can now sleep soundly, without worrying if someone is locked out of their office.

Uniting by Simplifying

Thirteen. It’s the amount of startups that have been selected for the first program of the Watt Factory accelerator. We’ve known it for a while, but now we can officially say: we’re part of the group! What can you expect from ZapFloorHQ? “We want every business or coworking center to have a vibrant community in which the office operators […]

GCUC USA: The final recap

Last month’s trip to New York was one to remember! Not only did we visit one of the biggest coworking conferences, GCUC USA, we also had the chance to roam the city, visit our partners and meet new and interesting people. We posted our fair share of NYC related throwbacks the past few weeks, so […]

New Data On Coworking Spaces In Belgium

A short walk from the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen Nature Reserve in Ghent, you will find a quiet little street- Vlasgaardstraat. Nestled at number 52 there, among nondescript two-story buildings, is one of Belgium’s thriving coworking spaces, the Watt Factory. Every morning, dozens of freelancers and startup employees walk in and start their workday. They chat with their […]

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