Uniting by Simplifying

Thirteen. It’s the amount of startups that have been selected for the first program of the Watt Factory accelerator. We’ve known it for a while, but now we can officially say: we’re part of the group!

What can you expect from ZapFloorHQ?

“We want every business or coworking center to have a vibrant community in which the office operators have time to foster relationships between their tenants, instead of wasting it on paperwork — Mission ZapFloorHQ

ZapFloorHQ is a unique management platform: modular and aimed towards managing workspaces.

With our platform we give office operators the possibility to fully focus on their tenants. On top of that, we also simplify and reduce their administrative tasks.

“Uniting by simplifying”. It’s our catchphrase we’ve proudly pinned to our wall. Now you understand why!

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