Post corona: How to create a safe workspace for your employees?

Post corona: How to create a safe workspace for your employees?

In the last weeks, Covid-19 restrictions have been easing down across the world. The virus has accelerated the implementation of working from home, working from coworking spaces, and working from the office. This forces everyone to reevaluate the way we manage and optimize office spaces. On top of this, the virus is still around so we need to ensure a safe work environment with enough social distance. So how can we make sure that we can afford a safe workspace for everyone? We are giving some tips!

Communication is key

Communication has a role play to create a smooth and steady flow in your workspace. If your company is too big to do it all by yourself, the WHO suggests identifying a point person per department or floor that can take that role on himself.

First of all, you have to keep up with the announcements of the authorities and you must spread them to your employees. Communicate on how the office will apply these announcements in a clear mail, poster, newsletter… Tell them what to do when they feel sick or how to apply social distancing. Make them feel safe and supported.

Cinderella clean

And with clean we mean spic and span. You’ll have to disinfect your desks, chairs, mice, keyboards, etc regularly. The cleaning crew will have to come over every day instead of every week. Also, make your employees aware that they have to disinfect their work supplies too. If you install cleaning products at their desks, they’ll do it automatically.

Also, provide hand sanitizers and wipe dispensers in every open space or room, so people can clean their hands anytime they want. It’s not a bad idea to hang up posters everywhere to remind them about the rules of social distancing, mouth masks, and gloves.


The toilet, a breeding ground for bacteria

To ensure that everyone can go to work not taking any risks, additional hygienic practices are essential. Also at the restrooms. First of all, make sure there is enough toilet paper, you never know if a hoarder passes by.

It all starts at the toilet itself. If people flush, they will have to close the toilet lid. This ensures that the germs can’t splash over the whole room. Then, wash your hands and wrists 30 seconds with soap and water. For the correct hand routine, you can use a poster from the WHO and place it next to your sink.

A lower occupancy rate

Besides all the measures we already summed up, social distancing is the number one rule to create a safe workspace. Always keep a distance of 2 meters between each employee. That means: they can’t sit face-to-face or next to each other. Leave at least one seat in between or sit diagonally opposite.

To make social distancing easily manageable you can divide your staff into groups and let them come to work per unit. The others can enjoy their home office. You can find tips on how to create the perfect home office on our Facebook page!

Tip: Choose a software with seat booker to manage your social distancing in an efficient way.

Transform your safe workspace into a flex desk spot

You can book flex desks for a day or a few hours so you can work alone, in peace. In the aftermath of Covid-19, it’s important to keep our social distance. Not very easy for a company with just seats next to each other at big desks. That’s why there are tools to get this done in three clicks. They are called hotdesking or flex desks tools and make your life incredibly easy.

Coincidentally, zapfloor can offer you that tool. Click the button beneath to read more about it!

CTA hotdesking tool

Visitors and lunch(dates)

The fewer contacts we have the better. Which doesn’t mean you can’t receive any visitors or do essential work travel. But keep in mind that all the measures you have just read are always applicable. Preferably wear a mouth mask and sanitize your hands before you meet someone.

For team lunches, you can eat outside if there is enough space or eat in small groups inside. In the ideal world, you bring your own meal instead of getting a sandwich somewhere.

A message from team Zapfloor

We hope you and your loved ones all stay healthy through this heavy crisis. Remember: we’re all in this together, and we can do this.


Team Zapfloor

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