GCUC USA: The final recap

Last month’s trip to New York was one to remember! Not only did we visit one of the biggest coworking conferences, GCUC USA, we also had the chance to roam the city, visit our partners and meet new and interesting people. We posted our fair share of NYC related throwbacks the past few weeks, so now it’s time for our final recap!

GCUC USA, a.k.a. juicy, is one of the biggest coworking conferences in the world, which is why we had to be there! The conference focuses on the future of work and how everything is changing rapidly. Of course we want to stay on top of the newest developments so here’s what we learned!


1. There are four important steps to follow when implementing technology in a coworking space

Within the growth process of your space there are a few steps to implement when it comes to technology, according to the amount of members. Bill Jacobson, founder and CEO of Workbar, talked about the different tech phases you go through when growing a flexible office space.

  • Initially, you use the basic apps you already have experience with (eg. Word, Excel, Gmail etc).
  • Afterwards, when your business starts to take off you should look into specialised apps like Clay from Salto for easy and secured door access or Ezeep for the management of printing systems.
  • Then you can start integrating all these applications.
  • The last step is to focus on advanced reporting to optimise your business, digital signages and for example a mobile app for all your members.

However, it is important to know that the speed of this growth process really depends on the type of space you have and the market your space is situated in.



2. Stats show the continuous growth of the industry

Deskmag shared some interesting statistics about the evolution of coworking. For example: Not only is the industry growing rapidly, on average spaces are also getting bigger, an impressive +20% compared to last year. The average coworking space is now about 830 square meters and has around 93 members.

There are a few trends that go hand in hand with this growth, examples are: child friendliness, 24/7 access and allowing dogs in your space. The statistics also show that spaces that follow these trends are more profitable, up to 11% more.

What can we conclude from our trip to GCUC USA?

Besides the things we talked about in this blogpost, there’s a lot more to learn (too much to put in one post). We can conclude that the flexible office market keeps growing and evolving. The future of work is changing because of several trends, and so are the people. Not only did we learn a lot, we also had a good time in the U.S. of A. (there was a donut wall at the conference, need we say more)!

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