Coworking trends in 2020: The industry in high gear

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After celebrating the end of 2019 with our friends and families, it’s time to start a new year with new adventures. For us, at Zapfloor, there is one central theme: making the world of coworking spaces a bit more pleasant. To keep you up to date, we made a list of all trends that 2020 has in store for the coworking industry. Let’s take you to the future!

In 2005 the first flexible office spaces popped up. From then on, the industry has flourished enormously fast. It is even predicted that by 2022, it will swell up to 49.000 coworking spaces, compared to 26.000 in 2017. The most important causes of this growth? The combination of working and socializing, and the more flexible approach.

So, what’s on the radar for 2020?

Larger companies making their entrance in coworking spaces

Previously, coworking spaces were only used by freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs. That’s about to change. Larger companies now recognize the benefits of flexible workspaces too. First of all, it boosts our creative thinking and productivity. It’s no longer a secret that the location, people and atmosphere at your job are as important as your job. A nice environment causes better concentration and better work. Also, there is a networking thing. When you work in a flexible office space, you can build a robust networking community and continuously expand it. With that network, you can brainstorm ideas with like-minded people. Free expertise, hooray!

Holistic Health

Perhaps you’ve already noticed it, but health is an extremely hot topic these days. Especially on the work floor. There is nothing positive about sitting on an office chair for 8 hours a day. We should prioritize health over function. The coworking industry realizes that too. In 2020 there will be more shared office spaces with a focus on promoting great office ergonomics. In the US, over 70% now includes at least one standing desk area. Other health-centric amenities such as meditation rooms, yoga classes and gyms will be popping up in higher frequency too.

The IoT to ease the management of coworking spaces

Efficient and comfortable coworking spaces are set to increase in 2020. Coworking spaces need to be equipped with the latest and best office technologies. Smarter and more dynamic areas will play a key role in terms of controlling the environment of a workplace and will make it more pleasant for your members. As an office manager, it’s not hard to create that pleasant coworking community. Starting with synchronized calendars, smart printers, smart access control systems, and dashboards you can save a lot of time. So, let’s do that today!

2020 will be all about automation. To cater to the needs of our climate and the ease of home automation. Coworking spaces offer a lot of new alternatives that traditional offices can not supply. The rise of smart devices and various motion sensors will allow remote regulation of lighting, based on people’s movement. Which saves a lot of energy. The systems will also ensure that office temperatures will be better regulated, maintaining more consistent air quality within coworking spaces. Those handy measures have a direct impact on the productivity of your members.

The introduction of the fully private serviced office

The time wherein coworking spaces were mainly for freelancers, hot-deskers and short-term office rentals, has passed. An increasing number of other players are entering the coworking arena. The ease of not having to deal with cleaning, terrible internet and too few beans in the coffee machine, is attractive to every company. That’s where serviced private offices come in. Offices that provide all the privacy, customization and space you need, including the flexibility and time-saving benefits.

Multilocation coworking spaces

This is a trend that already came up in 2019, but that will keep expanding during the next years. More and more coworking spaces keep on growing and are opening new locations so all their members can have their own spot. Nice, but there are some difficulties in these multilocation office spaces. It’s not easy to streamline all processes across the various locations. Scaling your business from one location to two is a major step, just like from three to five. It will not only impact your members but also the way you and your colleagues work in the coworking business. That’s why it’s important to have a good management system with the right integrations.

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