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zapfloor has everything you need to efficiently manage your coworking space or serviced office so you can focus on what really matters.

Powerful Insights

Get more out of data and optimize your space.


Run spaces of all sizes all around the world.

Community Feeling

Focus on what’s important: your community, your people.

Automated Billing

Create, send and track all your invoices automatically.

Powerful insights

Improve your community through one clear dashboard

Get insights in which meeting rooms are the most popular ones.

See how your numbers are raising every day thanks to a powerful management system.

Get an overview of your total active members and reservations and improve the community feeling.

Multilocation management

Manage multiple locations with only one tool

Add multiple locations from all over the world all under one account.

Add office hours, meeting rooms and hot desks to the system.

Give your members an overview of where all your workspaces are located.


We created an app!

Get an overview of all available meeting rooms on specific dates and start booking.

Fulfill all details of your reservation like attendees, duration, resources, and much more.

Get an overview of all your upcoming gatherings for the next period, and receive push notifications when a meeting is about to start.

Connect zapfloor with all the apps you’re already using


Connect world’s best apps and services to save time and automate routines.

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Claire Senden – OfficeLab

“The customer care at Zapfloor is amazing, they always help us right away if we have a question or remark.”

Claire Senden
Christine – Watt Factory

ZapFloorHQ allows us to work more efficiently: send out quotes and invoices, allow our community to book meetings,.. all in one place!

Christine Hutsebaut
Myriam Baumann – OfficeLab

“The billing, payment tracking, and reporting is an important tool for us to successfully manage coworking spaces of more than 5 locations in Switzerland. Zapfloor offers us the various interfaces to provide coworkers with a professional infrastructure such as meeting room displays, access apps, and website bookings.”

Myriam Baumann

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? Time Management using Artful Participation

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? Efficient & structured meetings at home

? Efficient & structured meetings at home

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